The First Few Days In The New House

It will feel like you’re still packing on the first few days in your new house since you’ll just be unpacking and making a mess. Unless you have very few belongings, it’s impractical to even try to consider being organized and unpacked within one day. So, try to unpack in the order you packed, or as close to it as possible. Things will be easier if you place the boxes near the room you’re planning to unpack, even though it is impractical since that depends on the size of the house.

The First Few Days In The New House.png

Not to unpack everything in the first few days is perfectly acceptable. You may want to (or need to) explore and familiarize yourself with any public transport, local facilities, or shops in the area on the first few days. Until you’ve unpacked your kitchen, you’ll need to go out and buy at least the basics to save the ‘big shop’. If you’re not taking long off work you’ll probably unpack the home office first then kitchen and living room.

Depending on your family, usually it takes place over six to twelve weeks to unpack. You may find that you have to permanently store items in a basement, attic, or garage, because there just isn’t the room for them.

You may also find that your internet and phone, cable or satellite take several weeks to be reconnected even though most of your utilities should be on and connected for moving. You should make the most of the change, and unpack as much as you can in these cases. Your life will be back into its work/life/sleep pattern after a month or two, so if you can have any break from it, consider a holiday. You may find you have less time to unpack once your utilities are all reconnected, so it’s good to get as much of it out of the way as possible.

Make sure you know your new route to work, and allow some extra time for the journey if you are returning to work, outside the home, after a move.


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